Mr. Erich Vogl
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After the death of Mr. Franz in 1971, Mr. Vogl, who was born in Vienna, provided for the worldwide reputation of EMT by managing the firm like Mr. Franz would have wanted it and of course by bringing in many ideas of himself. Thanks to his work the name EMT guaranteed in the past - and still does in the present - in the whole world for high-graded turntables and the quality of professionell studio equipment.










Now I want to note down the development of Mr Vogl with different articles from the ”Kurier” (the intern magazine of EMT) and by that elucidate what he afforded in his profession - and that not only for EMT.

After he finished the university education in Vienna he had to make use of his knowledges in the Second World War. After the war he worked for the broadcasting as a sound engineer, but he had the wish to do active work as an engineer. So he could practically apply his experiences to the planing of electroacustical equipment in the largescale industrial enterprise. Many regietables, mixing consoles and OB-vans for broadcast resulted in ten years of leading and active work in projects and trading. For this work he became the distinguished service medal.

(translated from the German publication of the Kurier No. 18 / 1971)

As a special decoration he had to plan and build the state-opera-house in Vienna. Because of that work he received the golden distinguished service medal of the republic of Austria. (remark of the author)

In 1956 he was introduced to Mr. Franz on a exhibition in Ljubljana and he asked Mr. Vogl to come to Lahr to extend an own world-trade-organisation with the many products. He had not only organizing and technical advices but also mercantile questions to accomplish. Because of the good partnership with Mr. Franz he soon became branch manager. After the sad death of the firm’s founder it is now on Mr. Vogl to continue his life-work.

(translated from the German publication of the Kurier No. 18 / 1971)

But the following years with Mr. Vogl as the managing companion of the enterprise were as well successful years for EMT. The Kurier 36 / 1982 writes:

The worldwide reputation of EMT-broadcasting-products is a fact of his future-orientated management. To make the right decision in our business as a mediator between art and technique you don’t only need a special branch of science, ideas for new products and a good feeling for their market-value, but also colleagues, who can realize these ideas successfully.

(translated from the German publication of the Kurier No. 18 / 1971)

The connection of Mr. Vogl to the founder of EMT, Mr. Franz and to the past is proved by the following document from the Kurier 39 / 1983:


Wilhelm Franz (died in 1971)

He would certainly have been happy if he had been able to receive the attestation for the honorary membership in the AUDIO ENGINEERING SOCIETY on the 14th of April 1983. But the face of the EMT-manager Erich Vogl who gets the attestation from the AES-president Thomas G. Stockham shows pride, too. Pride about everything that EMT and his personnel achieved in the world of the studio technique.

(translated from the Kurier No. 39 / 1983)


Certainly we still could report much more about Mr. Vogl’s years at EMT, but it would fill too many pages. In the end it remains to be mentioned that in 1989 Mr. Vogl retired after he had been working at EMT for 32 years.

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