Selector DU 111
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The Pure-Sound Selector

Sound-neutral selector unit with linear fader

The pretentious owner of high-valued playback units has very often the problem to select the sources and to control the volume at the same time.
This concerns especially the professional equipment of the vinyldisks- and CD-production: studio-turntables, CD-drives, tape-recorders, digital  recording- and playback-units.
Such a selection unit may not influence the selected signal in any way, it must be totally neutral.
This task is not new. But the results we had in the past gave rise to many discussions about the influence of the sound, created by pre-amplifiers.

Now there is a new way of a solution for this problem.

The Selector DU 111 is a selection unit with the following attributes:

Absolutely sound-neutral selection because of a pure passive circuit design

1. The selected sources are not influenced by electronical components, neither tubes, transistors nor integrated circuits, therfore absolutely no influence on the selected signal.

2. The used components are selected elements which have been proved true variously in the professional studio technique.
What has been proved true from the beginning in recording- and sound-production, can not be bad at home at the end of this reproduction chain.

      a. Gold-plated connectors
      b. Gold-plated switching elements
      c. Large scale dimensioned conductors

3. Professionel stereo-linear fader for volume control.
This high-valued linear fader from the professionel recording technique has as well been proved true in all styles of music-recordings many thousand times and worldwide because of his neutrality, longtime-stability, longevity and exactness of the technical datas.

4.The pushbuttons for the sources are permanent lightened dimly. The pushbutton of the selected source lights bright.

All these attributes are valid in position pro (means professionell) of the general source switch.
To have the possibility to select high-end-units, the general source switch of the Selector DU 111 has another operating position: home.
In this position a balanced impedance adaption guarantees the best matching of the linear fader to the high-end-units. By that the Selector DU 111 can show his positive attributes like the absolute passive selection and the absolut passive volume control on these high-valued units, too.
The output of the Selector DU 111 is directly connected to the power amplifier.
Extensive configurations of cables out of the accessories list allow to connect all kinds of units.
If you connect the output parallel you can also use recording equipments at the same time.

Technical Datas
Input                      6 stereo sources (12 XLR-connectors)

Output                    1 stereo output   (2XLR-connectors)
Input impedance       in position pro           1 kOhm
                             in position home        > 20 kOhm
Output impedance     in position pro           < 500 Ohm
                             in position home        < 500 Ohm
Signal to-noise-ratio peak weighted
                             in position pro           given by the connected unit
                             in position home        > 100 dB
Inputs and outputs are balanced, unbalanced operation is possible.
Power supply (switching units, LED illumination, impedance adaption)
by external power supply.            230 V AC    24 V- / 250 mA
Dimensions                                                 430 x 290 x 77 mm
Weight                                                       approximately 5,5 kg



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