STX 21
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Original stereo input transformer STX 21
for EMT pickups TSD 15 to XSD 15




Transformers for moving-coil systems are very important in the chain of the amplifiers.

Transformers are an improvement in sound quality, because they avoid the noise of the active pre-preamplifier.

This correct adaption guarantees an optimum in technical quality and sound performance of moving-coil pickups.


STX 21 is a stereo input transformer box especially for the moving-coil pickups of EMT.

All pickups TSD 15, TMD 25, TND 65, XSD 15 and HSD 6 are adapted by this transformerbox in the best way.

The original transformer of the equalizer amplifier EMT 155 st, which is used here, is the guarantor for the perfect adaption.

The output signals of the STX 21 are directly connected to the phono-inputs of the preamplifier.



  • Original transformer for EMT pickups
  • Magnetic protection against external fields
  • Metal box due to Mil-specs against HF-fields
  • Goldplated connections (signal and earth)


There are also available connection cables for EMT tonearms with 5-pole and 7-pole connectors. Correct connection and highquality cable guarantee no quality loss.



improved technique

improved optics

Ord. No.

Stereo input transformer box

STX 21

Dimensions 120 x 95 x 57 mm

X   900 111 000


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